• Empowerment

    Empowerment includes self-strength, self-control, self-power, self-reliance, own choice, life of dignity in accordance with one’s values, capable of fighting for one’s rights, independence, own decision making, being free, aware, and ability to focus in the moment.

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  • Well-being

    No one thing works for every person. Potential tools to explore: body work, t'ai chi ch'uan, food, self-talk, massage & self-massage, mindfulness and other means to gain clarity in self-awareness and choice.

    All too often we allow circumstances to skew our perspective, rather than allowing our perspective to balance our circumstances.

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  • studio rd

    Naturally curious, inquisitive, investigative, exploratory, analytical, and experimental, I am motivated to describe, explain, teach, illustrate and interpret.

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Well-being. Thrive. Flourish.

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Beat The Odds

Beat The Odds is an evidence-based program that integrates activities from contemporary drum circles and group counseling

Beat the Odds is a social and emotional skill building workshop delivered within a framework of drumming.

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Digital Literacy

I guide people through the pathways of digital literacy.

A computer is a tool ... your relationship with it can be as a boon companion rather than your nemesis.

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Well-Being Workshops

Stress Management;
Self Massage

I use a coaching and guidance approach to consulting.

What is Coaching?
A process used to move into life transformations. It involves:

  • Clarifying where you are now
  • Defining where you would like to be
  • Facilitating strategies and specific action steps to get there.
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Rd Walks

Guided walks in Los Angeles, CA, locales, for leisure, education, entertainment and the pleasure of being.

Whether you are a resident or tourist explorer, there are places in Los Angeles that you may not have known were there.
On the other hand, you may want to know the story of a place you pass all the time.

We are often so busy scanning the horizon, looking for big things coming from far away, that we fail to notice those things that are closest to us. –Joseph Bruchac

Be the difference. Stand up for someone today. If you can't stand up for someone else, help them find someone who can.–studio rd

Play is the highest form of research. –Albert Einstein

The most important thing is to be happy -- to enjoy your life -- It's all that matters. –Audrey Hepburn